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Cloud & Hosted solutions

Hosted applications and Hosted servers

Pacific West Data provides application hosting and server co-hosting services from secure data centers. All data centers are physically and digitally secure offering peace of mind for your data storage.

Data center facilities conform to the following standards:

You can host your applications or web-services on our dedicated high-speed servers or you can co-host your own servers in our racks.

All systems or applications hosted at our data centers are backed up nightly and the backups are then removed to off-site secure storage. The backups are monitored on our in-house systems which will inform our staff if there are any potential problems with the data. More frequent or customised backup schedules can be arranged.

All servers are IBM/Lenovo high end servers and are equipped with monitoring systems to ensure hardware problems are detected and corrected before they corrupt your data or cause downtime issues.

Hosting your applications and servers at our datacenters will allow you access from anywhere in the world and bring you the peace of mind that your IT solutions are being monitored and maintained 24/7

To better support your business needs
Pacific West Data has joined all IT services to
Dependable Technologies Pty Ltd.

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