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Disaster Mitigation Systems

Backup Systems

Pacific West Data offers a comprehensive data backup service. This service provides full data backup and secure off-site storage. The backup service can be run via our monitored backup systems within our data centers or locally within your own offices.

Backup systems are monitored by our staff to ensure problems are attended to immediately and your data backups are safe and secure.

Data protection & duplication systems

Down time caused by poor RPO and RTO's can cause major business disruption. Our staff can walk you through a full analysis of your current RPO/RTO's and assist in choosing the data duplication systems which best suit your organisation's requirements.

Systems could be as simple as RAID array protection and range up to full system and data duplication via software and hardware.

Full Disaster Recovery systems

Pacific West Data will help you design and create the most appropriate Disaster Recovery systems for your organisation. We will design, install and commission fully functioned disaster recovery solutions dedicated to your organisation. Alternatively we can utilise facilities currently within our data centers to implement and commission your disaster recovery solution.

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